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The solutions from almIT are made to assist you in providing your users with significant value. We are aware of how technology affects business users’ productivity. Our mission is to take use of new and existing technology to develop products that serve as catalysts for increased business efficiency. With almIT, you can provide your users:

  • Quicker access to reliable, essential information.
  • Integrating line of business applications seamlessly to maintain critical context.
  • Improved productivity and integrated presence through communications and collaboration solutions.
  • Programs with a rich user interface that excel at data processing and representation.


Supply chain management, which governs inventory and shipping, customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI), which identifies patterns in operational data, and other data management applications, such as internal communications, health care, and human resources, are just a few examples of today’s industries that typically cannot communicate with one another to share data or business practices, rules, etc. If these applications cannot communicate effectively and effectively, they will be ineffective. Our main pursuits in putting EAI into practice were:


Bus/Hub: Typically, this improves middleware, such as an application server or message bus.


Connectivity: Through a group of adapters, the bus/hub connects applications (Connectors). We use adapters to interact between the apps since they are crucial to application integration, which outlines the how (protocol), what (data type), and communication direction (one-way and two-way) as well as access level, among other things. We ensure that these adapters will adhere to the security standards of each unique application taking part in integration.


Schema Validation and Transformation: We evaluate each message’s compliance with the application it is communicating with to prevent the use of inconsistent data and incorrect data formats. The data is transformed using transformations into an application format for a bus? a standard format. To share the data with other applications appropriately, we add semantic changes to it.


Integration Module: Each form of integration is handled by a particular integration module, and an EAI system may be taking part in numerous concurrent integration processes at any given moment. Modules for integration subscribe to certain sorts of events and process notifications they get when these events happen. We list every integration module separately, along with the events it triggers, the recipients of its notifications, etc. To calculate the number of dependencies between integration modules, we shall count them.


Support of Transactions: The transactions in application integration are distinct from one another. All of the applications must support the transactions. We use distributed transaction controllers by implementing two-phase commit protocols or compensating transactions.

Cloud Computing


Businesses of all sizes, from small to large, spend the majority of their budgets on IT infrastructure. If we look at their yearly spending, the majority of it is for on-premise expenses. Cloud Optimization in Cost Management is another aspect where you can save money.

Services that we offer

Full Cloud Migration

  • Migrating Existing Platforms from On-Premise to Cloud
  • Migrating existing Legacy Web Apps into Cloud Web Apps viz., SOAP/REST services into Microservices
  • Migrating existing Legacy Enterprise Application Integrations into Cloud Enterprise Platform viz., On-Premise BizTalk Solutions to Cloud Logic Apps.

Hybrid Model Setup

  • Architecting a cloud computing environment that uses mix of on-premises, private cloud and public cloud with orchestration between 2 platforms.
  • Implementing Hybrid Solutions to empower organization by protecting their most valuable data and comply enterprise policies.

Enforcing Security at various levels

  • Implementing best Security Practices at various levels to secure Data, Applications, Cloud-Infrastructure.
  • Data Security – Securing Data at rest and Transit with best encryption practices.
  • Application Security – Policy Control, Connectors, Discovery, Proxy Access + Session.

Enterprise Data Integration

  • Implementing EDI utilizing Cloud Service Bus components viz., Enterprise Messaging, Messaging Workflows, Enterprise Event Management, App Services and Functions.




In every area of business services, each organization must compete with its business rival. As a means of competing against its main rivals and gaining client satisfaction.

Every business should also compete with its rival in all facets of business services. It must have the best information technology infrastructure to win customer satisfaction and compete with its core competitors. almIT will assist organizations in focusing on IT Vision, developing processes, and implementing them.


With the support of case studies, almIT assists enterprises as a partner in each discrete cardinal point of the entire development life cycle by arriving at agreed needs that will ease the business process. User interviews generate business cases, architectures, resource plans, implementation, training, and help catalogs, all of which lead to a successful business.


We collaborate with the client to produce remarkable and long-term improvements in quality, cost efficiency, and operational flexibility. Allowing for speedier time-to-market and more innovation effectiveness. Based on industry and customer measurements and insights, we establish end-to-end process performance.


almIT offers unique and smart staffing solutions. We provide a full-service staffing solution to suit your ever-changing technological demands while also providing the greatest degree of customer satisfaction.


We are a global IT solutions and engineering services employment firm. To achieve an excellent match, we employ a strict hiring, grooming, and deployment process that includes technical testing and numerous rounds of interviews. Our placement approach is objective, fair, and centered on the needs of our customers. After you have determined the precise needs of your company, you will be provided with candidates who are the finest in that field.

almIT also offers a changeable staffing solution to meet occasional needs or numerous engagements running concurrently. This enables an economical team structure, as well as recruiting knowledgeable people in the shortest period of time and reducing team size as needed.


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