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Consumers of the new generation are changing how business is done. The new places to shop, purchase, and sell goods are online digital stores. AlmIT iCart is a one-stop shop that enables retailers to sell their goods online to customers all over the world through many stores that span different industries and grow their company’s revenue. With our cutting-edge user-friendly design and top-notch features, customers may effortlessly access the product. Your company is accessible to that distant customer with only one click thanks to the product’s search engine optimization development. Prepare to create your virtual mall right away with almIT’s iCart!

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Why iCart?

iCart’s most well-liked features include but are not limited to

The popular cloud platforms Microsoft® Azure and Amazon Web Services can use iCart’s cloud capabilities. Both cloud platforms can be used to deploy and administer iCart, which can take advantage of all cloud features such as elastic scaling, scale-up, scale-out, load balancing, and CDN Media services.
iCart serves all of your needs, whether you need to run numerous sites for your stores or manage multiple inventories. A single Administration Panel allows you to set policies, enable goods, and control many aspects of them.
 iCart gives you a mobile administration experience with shopping carts, CRM, sales, and inventory management. With our self-explanatory websites, you can configure every setting with zero programming.
With a wide range of payment alternatives, consumers feel comfortable. They enjoy having a variety of shipping options. All of them are taken care of by iCart, which makes sure the customer leaves the website with a verified transaction. Customers can also pre-order new products and follow the progressof their deliveries. The Returns feature is another one. You can handle returned goods more quickly and affordably with the help of iCART’s RMA engine
With its features, iCart assists you in bringing in new clients to your business.
  • SEO-friendly URLs, Meta tags, RSS
  • Discounts and bonus points
  • Ratings and Reviews, etc.
  • Social networks
  • Eye-catching and personalized website theme
To give greater insight into business improvements, the iCart dashboard presents regular sales summaries while predicting statistics for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Annual amounts. Category, Products, and Revenue are used to categorize this data. You may gain a deeper understanding of your company and make informed decisions with the help of customizable reports on sales, customers, and inventory.


You can increase sales and expand your business with the aid of our e-commerce product.

Do you have a lot of products to upload? Not to worry. With the Bulk Import feature of almIT’s iCart, all of your products may be uploaded to the website with a single mouse click. Your data can also be exported to Excel or XML, updated, and then uploaded again to the website.
Your site content can have different Themes, Fonts, and Colors thanks to iCart’s upgraded CMS. Utilizing the user-friendly admin interfaces, you may add, change, and delete data. Building your audience through blogging will help your company attract more customers and increase sales. It uses narratives to persuade viewers to buy. Let’s get it from iCart while we can!
You may see a list of products that need replenishing or revisiting using iCart’s integrated stock-level management. You may also examine orders, modify statuses, amend shipping and payment information, and other things in the integrated back office
For generating revenue, customer data analysis is essential. The amount of business traffic is determined by knowing the preferences of potential clients and their purchasing patterns. Always keep in mind that repeat business—which occurs when existing clients are joined by new ones—encourages growth. iCart gives you:
  • Define customer groups
  • Polls
  • Gift Vouchers & Coupons
  • Wish lists
The secret to a successful internet company is having clear photos and thorough product information. Give the customer a real-time buying experience by offering picture zooming, multiple images, category-specific discounts, special prices, shipping deals, and tax classes. The following are some features that stand out: Define the terms Product evaluation digital downloads Rebate Program Rebates & Offers Ratings & Reviews
Go mobile! We’ll improve consumers’ online purchasing experiences with our mobile-enabled rich screens. From their mobile phones and tablets, customers can purchase the goods. And you’re all set to quickly and easily reach millions of mobile visitors through our straightforward yet expert website.
There are better ways to sell products even though up to 95% of site visitors leave without purchasing their first visit. Shopping cart abandonment can be reduced with individualized and focused marketing. iCart aids you in the following: Social Network Email marketing Bonus points and Loyalty program Cross-promotion
The ideal times for consumers to shop are during holidays, celebrations, and important dates. enhance their buying experience by providing discounts, rewards, coupons, and much more with only a few settings as an iCart administrator. Boost your online sales!
iCart provides all common payment methods, including Payment options, cash, credit card, pre-payment, and pay at the store. By lowering the number of cancellations of online purchases, our integration with PayPal Express speeds up the purchasing process there. We also provide the option to pay online using “ipayment,” a proficient and reasonably priced processing service. This creates the impression to the customer that your online store itself processes payments rather than a third party.
As your company expands, you may find the need to increase your presence in several different regions. Your website and your business both flourish with the aid of iCart. You can customize the built-in multilingual and multicurrency module to give you the power of the global company. Why do you persist in waiting? Set up your online business right now by boarding the iCart ride!
Our pre-installed themes and templates provide your store with a very professional and lovely appearance! The website’s layout, navigation bars, content sliders, color, font, and nearly every other element on the page are all customizable. You’ll feel as though you’re actually shopping if you drag and drop goods into shopping carts!
The configuration of products is possible at every attribute level, including Category, Store, Tax, Measurements, Price, Discounts, Promotions, Shipping Options, etc. Even your goods’ inventory and rules can be set by you.
In order to reach every remote customer online, almIT iCart will build a True Virtual Mall for you. Become a market leader by selling your goods to people all around the world in their own currencies!
Threats from phishing and hacking are no longer a concern! You’re in a safe area. Our SSL environment will assist in facilitating transactions in a secure setting and safeguard your sensitive data
The website will be optimized for high page rank in order to appear in search results on Bing, Google, and Yahoo. By including a Meta title, friendly page name, Meta keyword, and Meta description, all items, categories, and manufacturers can be optimized.