The almIT


As a team of talented IT professionals working in the services and consulting sector, we strive to provide our clients with high-quality services that fit within their financial constraints.

almIT (pronounced as alm IT!) Services Inc. was founded in 2009 by a group of established individuals who specialize in the IT business in a variety of technologies. Our key expertise is in Cloud Technologies, Middleware Migrations, and Business Intelligence (BI). We have expanded our services to include software development, datawarehousing, maintenance, and support for complex to medium and large-scale projects.

We are a group of talented IT professionals in the Services and Consulting industry who strive to provide our customers with professional services that are within their budget.




We live by the adage “Do Great To Be Great.” We make sure that the value of our services to our clients is substantial. As a team, we focus on the customer and strive for innovation. We are happy to claim that the key to our success is the quality of our deliverables and the satisfaction of our clients.


Why almIT?

We provide unparalleled IT services to any size of industry… To address your requirements, our team of IT experts, SMEs, and analysts work together to come up with the best feasible solution.

Our knowledge and the method we use to give the customer more comfort when delegating tasks. To ensure that the modifications don’t unnecessarily interrupt the services, we adhere to best practices that have been proven effective in the industry. We have the ideal combination of business knowledge and technical skill sets to assist you in selecting the option that best suits your needs. Smarter solutions for regular business demands are provided by our expertise in Cloud Computing, Data Processing, Data Visualization, IoT Solutions, Middleware, and Business Intelligence.

Socially Conscious

We hold the view that success is a function of both education and health. We thus support students who are below the poverty line in terms of both their academic and fundamental health needs. For this, we selected the North Texas Food Bank, Save the Children, and Ekal Vidyala Foundation as the site.


We are striving to accomplish a small impact on society, motivated by the adage “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Our social service wing organizes various charitable events and works with our workers to instill humanity.